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You’ll pay for Personal Accident and Effects Insurance if you accept it. You understand that you will be charged the rate per day for a full day even if you don’t have the car the entire day.

Personal Accident Insurance (where available)

PAI provides accident, medical, death and dismemberment benefits for bodily injury resulting from an accident.

The renter is covered 24 hours a day during the rental.

A schedule of benefits for renters can be located in the full brochure.

The passengers are covered while in, on or getting in to or out of the rental vehicle.

A schedule of benefits for passengers can be located in the full brochure.

Personal Accident Insurance has an aggregate benefit maximum limit of $250,000.

A list of exceptions as well as instructions on how to file a claim are located in the full brochure.

Personal Effects Insurance (where available)

PEP is added protection for a renters personal belongings while away from home. 

PEP insures the renter as well as passengers traveling with the renter against theft or damages to the insured property, which is contained in the vehicle, from any external cause, except as excluded, during the rental period of the vehicle

The maximum coverage for each covered individual during the rental period is $500, after a deductible of $25, per covered claim. The maximum coverage for all individuals during the rental period is $1,500 involving a minimum of 3 occupants of the car and after application of all deductibles.

A list of exceptions and exclusions are listed in the full brochure.

This product is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Company of Canada.

For the full brochure, please click here.


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